About Us

Our Origins

I founded Phoenix SEO Company in 2013, after learning about the importance of search engine optimization from maintaining my personal finance blog, Well Kept Wallet. I began to notice how much traffic the search engines were sending to my site organically and I was determined to figure out why. I then discovered SEO and was hooked. I quickly learned as much as I could and started implementing what I learned on my own site.

I began to see the pages on my site rise to the first page of Google and even to #1 in some instances! I knew that this was something I could help others with so I quickly began signing up clients. Using white hat SEO strategies, I was able to get most of my clients on the front page of Google, and in many cases, in the top 5 search results (see our case studies). Not only was I able to get them to rank for their main keywords, I was also able to increase the traffic for other “Long Tail” keywords as well. These are phrases that are longer than one keyword that are relevant to their business. It is a great way to get more qualified leads because there are less people competing for these types of keywords.

Back in the day, the Yellow Pages was what  you would use to find a business or service. Today, most people just go to their favorite search engine to find what they are looking for. If your website has not yet been optimized then chances are you are missing out on hundreds if not thousands of potential visitors that could in turn be potential clients.

As a digital marketing agency, it is our goal to help you move up in the ranks of Google, as well as the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Check out our services page to find out more or feel free to contact Phoenix SEO to discuss how we can help get you on the front page of the search results.


Deacon Hayes