Which SEO Service is Right for you?

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There are several types of SEO services offered by Phoenix SEO Co, each of which is carefully to help your business succeed. This post provides descriptions of each to help you decide which is most ideal for your business.

A (Brief) Overview of SEO

In order to help you better understand what we provide, let’s explain a few things first. There are two main tiers of search engine optimization – that is, SEO:

  • Off-page optimization refers to increasing the number and quality of links directed toward your website from external sources. This might include analyzing links directed toward competitors, submitting your websites to premium directories and removing untrustworthy links currently going toward your website. Each website directed toward yours is referred to as a
  • On-Page optimization refers to direct improvements made to your website. This might include, among other things, changes to your website’s content, keywords or navigational structure. While these changes are in some ways at the “core” of SEO, they can only do so much if your website is lacking in off-page optimization.

Regardless of the optimization mode in-question, it’s important one keep in mind the “audience” being addressed. Search engines work by sending “crawlers” across the web to gather relevant data for inclusion in search engine results pages. These crawlers then follow any links to identify new website which are then also crawled; this process is continually repeated. This means that the way search engines find your website is by following websites linking to your own; the reputation of these websites is critical to the success of your own.

The ultimate goal of SEO, then, is to better-align your website with the “expectations” implicit in the codes of these crawlers. Some forms of content are more easily “understood” by crawlers, and some links may be more accessible than others. Because the crawlers never stop trying to “figure out” what your website is all about, any opportunity to add keywords – whether to media, content or the like – should be taken advantage of.

SEO Services

Now that you have a basic understanding of what goes into SEO, let’s take a look at each of our services to give you an idea of which is ideal for you and your business.

SEO Marketing Plan
The SEO Marketing Plan is designed or those with an existing webmaster to implement recommended changes. With this package, you’ll receive a detailed analysis of your website in the form of a professional report, included in which are suggestions for both on and off-page optimization. The report will address specific areas of your website divided across relevant optimization areas, including content, keywords, and navigation, among others. In addition, the report will include general marketing suggestions to better your business and company brand.

SEO Marketing Plan services are ideal for those looking to save money and handle the implementation side on their end, or for those looking to get a second opinion on our suggestions before passing on our recommendations changes to a web designer.

Those seeking to divide the implementation process over the course of several months, to make the process more readily affordable, may use the report as a guide for identifying which changes are most centrally important. In this way, you can selectively decide which changes need implementing right away and which can be dealt with in later months.

All our available marketing plan options include suggestions for improving upon your content, improving the accessibility of your website’s pages, and eliminating potentially damaging SEO mistakes web designers are (unfortunately) prone to sometimes making.

An overview of SEO Marketing Plans:

  • Gain complete control of your website’s optimization — choose what to implement and when.
  • Save money by handling implementation on your own or delegating the task to your webmaster.
  • Implement changes over several months to divide the costs over time if necessary.
  • Get a second opinion before moving forward.

See if SEO marketing is ideal for your business.

SEO Coaching
SEO Coaching involves step-by-step training or consultation with a professional coach for as little or as much time as you need, allowing you or your webmaster to implement optimization strategies as you choose. SEO Coaching is ideal for those looking to dive into the task of optimizing their website on their own (but who need some advice on the way!).

Per your request, our SEO Coaching can be tailored to your own website or to more general optimization principles. In this way, those looking to apply their skills to a variety of websites may benefit especially from SEO Coaching.

Those already familiar with SEO and looking to get their questions answered, take their expertise to a whole new level, or brush up on their existing skills can also look at our hourly coaching options. SEO Coaching empowers business owners to take control of their website (and potentially save a great deal of money!). Because you will be learning the strategies first-hand, you can come prepared with particular questions, keywords, or ideas for discussion.

SEO Coaching at a glance:

  • Become an SEO guru and learn the ropes for yourself.
  • Ask to learn more general principles to be applied to a variety of websites, or get advice specifically on improving your website’s ranking.
  • Get all your questions answered.
  • Get as a little or as much help as you need.

Dive in and learn more about SEO coaching today!

SEO Packages
Our SEO Packages are designed for those looking to have a personal SEO manager for their website. Each month, we’ll provide continual website improvements and keyword tracking, allowing you to see first-hand the progress your website is making.

With this package, Phoenix SEO Co. will handle both the planning and implementation of changes (though not without running them by you first!) and allow you to see just how well things are going — take the stress out of SEO services.

Our SEO Packages are ideal for those looking to dramatically improve their SEO rankings while focusing the whole of their attention on cultivating a strong foundation for their business, without being hassled by the (sometimes daunting) prospects of SEO “self-service.”

SEO Packages allow you to delegate the heavy SEO lifting to us, leaving your hands free to take care of your growing business and forge stronger customer relationships.

Overview of SEO Packages:

  • Take the burden out of SEO by leaving the implementation to us.
  • Allow you to track the progress of your website over time and see just how effective SEO can be.
  • Enable you to devote your efforts to your business and your customers — not to SEO.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our available SEO packages and see which is right for you!

If you have any further questions regarding any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.