Take Control of your Website with WordPress

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No matter how carefully you plan out the structure of your website, eventual revisions will almost certainly be needed; ideas change, products are added, and businesses grow.

At some point or another, you will inevitably need to hire web designers SLC to create new pages or modify existing ones to keep up with your expanding company. By its nature, the web is built for change. Is your website?

Take Control of Website Changes with WordPress

It’s not uncommon for web design companies to charge astronomically high amounts for even very minor changes in content and imagery which, in reality, take seconds to implement.

Worse still, many such companies take several days or more before getting around to publishing even these extraordinarily small changes. Owing to this, business owners may become reluctant to make much-needed improvements to their website and, as a result, fall short of their competitors.

Deacon Hayes, an SEO and web design guru, sought to address these issues with vps hosting plans offered by knownhost. Beginning in Phoenix, Deacon began using WordPress as his go-to web design platform, empowering users to take control of their website.

By designing websites in WordPress, business owners may utilize the platform’s simple and intuitive content editor to update pages with text and media.

Further, new pages may be added instantly and automatically formatted to be in keeping with your website’s theme. Changes can be published with literally the click of a button, and the publication of these changes can also be scheduled ahead of time.

By enabling the user to make website modifications quickly and effectively, WordPress affords you the business owner to implement change as needed and at no additional cost. You may also provide additional users with access to create and manage pages and blog posts should you choose to do so.

All of these changes may be made from any computer and at any location, providing you absolutely unlimited access to your website at all times.

WordPress and SEO: Friends for Life

Search engine optimization is critical for the success of any business, and this remains a core advantage of the WordPress platform. By streamlining your website code, desigining your website with WordPress provides SEO benefits in allowing Google and other search engines to more easily access all your pages and index them for inclusion in search results.

SEO plugins also allow you, the website owner, to effectively manage the keywords and titles of your pages should you wish to do so. For those businesses particularly interested in improving their search engine standing, SEO coaching services allow for even greater SEO improvements, as you’ll have access to great SEO tools like an English Rewriter service.


A particularly effective means of improving the search engine friendliness of one’s website is through the continual addition of new content. With WordPress, features allowing for blogging and commenting are built into the platform directly, allowing you to easily add and manage posts, moderate comments and more.

WordPress and Security

In keeping with its simplicity of use, the editor is the same for managing blog posts and pages; once you’ve learned to master one, you’ll also have mastered the other.

With the rising prevalence of website hacking, it’s imperative that you and your business are protected. Install the manufacturing industry cyber security plugins on each website managed, protecting you and your business from the damaging effects breaches of security can have.

Security is absolutely essential to the very foundation of your business’s success.

Getting Started

Our WordPress web design services are available in Phoenix and beyond, having more recently been extended to business owners across the nation.

To make WordPress more accessible to you, the platform is available in more than 70 languages, and technical support guides are also available. Should you have trouble publishing content or designing a page in accordance with your preferences, immediate solutions are at-hand. Because WordPress is a web-based platform, one of our SEO specialists may log in to help you if you’re stuck.

The flexibility, security and search engine optimization benefits offered by WordPress places the control in the hands of those who need it most: business owners.

Don’t settle for a web designer who charges you for improvements you can make in seconds, Devote your time, money and energy toward acquiring customers – not toward greedy web designers.