Current Keywords we are Working on to Improve the Rankings in Google

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KeywordsAs a search engine optimization company, we get several requests to show examples of keywords that we have ranked on the first page of Google. To accommodate these requests, we created a case studies page to show keywords that we were not only able to rank on the first page, but keywords that we were able to get to the #1 position.

Quick side note: search engine rankings can change on a daily basis, so just because it got to #1 on Google at one point, does not mean that it will stay there. The reason for this is that there are other websites likely optimizing for the same keywords and as they improve their site it is possible for them to outrank you. Find out how to influence GMB Ranking Factors and Local Rankings. Another reason this could be is that Google is known to change their algorithm. When they do this, websites that have used bad SEO practices will lose their rankings and those who have used proper SEO strategies will rise to the top. Remember keyword research is the process of researching the keywords that search engine users are typing into search bars to find a certain service, product, or solution.

That being said, we thought it would be helpful to provide information on keywords that we are currently working on so that you can check in on our progress as we continue to optimize for these terms:

Preflight Mitigators – Flight Risk Assessment Tool

Starting position: 15

2/27/2015 position: 15

3/28/2015 position: 6

Providien Medical – Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Starting position:  37

11/25/2013 position: 15

12/23/2013 position: 9

3/12/2014 position: 7

4/6/2014 position:1

Leading Edge – Auto Paint Supplies

Starting position: 110

11/25/2013 position: 99

12/23/2013 position: 9

3/12/2014 position: 4

4/6/2014 position: 3

Southwest Sod – Sod Phoenix

Starting position: 2

11/25/2013 position: 2

We will continue to update this page as progress is made.

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