SEO Marketing Plan

The SEO marketing plan is designed or those with an existing webmaster to implement recommended changes. Those interested in having their changes published by Phoenix SEO Co. may select from our available SEO Packages.

Receive a detailed professional report describing recommended website changes intuitively divided across SEO-relevant areas, including keywords, content, and navigation, among others. Our report enables you to take control of your own website’s SEO — not to mention potentially saving you money by allowing your existing webmaster to handle implementation.

Want to get a second-opinion on website changes before they’re implemented? No problem. Looking to get an overview of everything important and selectively decide what to implement? We’ve got you covered.

The SEO marketing plan saves you money and empowers you to take control of your website’s SEO. Implement changes on your schedule and as you’re able to afford them. The SEO marketing plan includes SEO recommendations as well as basic marketing suggestions, providing you a multidimensional strategy for business success.

Overview of Services:

On-Page Optimization
– Content Revision* – Clean up grammatical errors, improve the flow of writing and, most importantly, include SEO-relevant keywords
– Inbound Link Inclusion – Make your website more communicative by adding links to in-website pages throughout.
– Search Crawler Accessibility Analysis and Recommendations – Learn how to make your website more easily “understood” and accessible by search engine crawlers.
– Heading Analysis and Recommendations – Headings are a primary source of keywords for search engines. We’ll craft you high-quality headings rich in search engine-relevant keywords.
– General Website and Marketing Recommendations – Learn general business and marketing strategies to ensure the success of your business and brand.

Customers may indicate the number of pages of content they wish to have optimized.

Off-page Optimization
– Free listing of competitor links on up to three competitors’ websites – Gain a competitive edge and see how best to market your website. Provide us the website addresses of your competitors and receive a document detailing the sources from which their websites get traffic.
– Submission to premium directories – Have your website submitted to high-quality directories to garner traffic and improve the authority of your website.

For pricing, or for additional information, contact us at 480-567-2637.